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Camptosar - injection


Cheap Camptosar - injection Discount Cancer Drugs | Camptosar Global Pharmacy, Canada Pharmacy

Brand: Camptosar | Canada | Mfg: Pfizer

Camptosar 2mL x 20mg/mL injection$382.47
Camptosar 4mL x 20mg/mL injection$764.94
Camptosar 6mL x 20mg/mL injection$1,147.41
Camptosar 8mL x 20mg/mL injection$1,529.88
Camptosar 10mL x 20mg/mL injection$1,912.35
Camptosar 12mL x 20mg/mL injection$2,294.82
Camptosar 14mL x 20mg/mL injection$2,677.29
Camptosar 16mL x 20mg/mL injection$3,059.76
Camptosar 18mL x 20mg/mL injection$3,442.23
Camptosar 20mL x 20mg/mL injection$3,824.70
Camptosar 22mL x 20mg/mL injection$4,207.17
Camptosar 24mL x 20mg/mL injection$4,589.64

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 2mL x 20mg/mL injection$84.43
Generic 4mL x 20mg/mL injection$124.61
Generic 6mL x 20mg/mL injection$157.16
Generic 8mL x 20mg/mL injection$186.29
Generic 10mL x 20mg/mL injection$215.43
Generic 12mL x 20mg/mL injection$244.56
Generic 14mL x 20mg/mL injection$273.69
Generic 16mL x 20mg/mL injection$302.82
Generic 18mL x 20mg/mL injection$331.95
Generic 20mL x 20mg/mL injection$361.09
Generic 22mL x 20mg/mL injection$390.22
Generic 24mL x 20mg/mL injection$419.35


Cheap Camptosar - injection Discount Cancer Drugs | Camptosar Global Pharmacy, Canada Pharmacy
Generic 2mL x 40mg/2mL injection$64.72
Generic 4mL x 40mg/2mL injection$80.76
Generic 6mL x 40mg/2mL injection$96.80
Generic 8mL x 40mg/2mL injection$112.84
Generic 10mL x 40mg/2mL injection$128.88
Generic 12mL x 40mg/2mL injection$144.93
Generic 14mL x 40mg/2mL injection$160.97
Generic 16mL x 40mg/2mL injection$177.01
Generic 20mL x 40mg/2mL injection$209.09

Brand: Campto | World Brand | Mfg: Aventis Pasteur

Campto 2mL x 40mg/2mL injection$208.84
Campto 4mL x 40mg/2mL injection$369.00
Campto 6mL x 40mg/2mL injection$529.16
Campto 8mL x 40mg/2mL injection$689.32
Campto 10mL x 40mg/2mL injection$849.48
Campto 12mL x 40mg/2mL injection$1,009.64
Campto 14mL x 40mg/2mL injection$1,169.80
Campto 16mL x 40mg/2mL injection$1,329.96


Cheap Camptosar - injection Discount Cancer Drugs | Camptosar Global Pharmacy, Canada Pharmacy
Campto 5mL x 100mg/5mL injection$449.08
Campto 10mL x 100mg/5mL injection$849.48
Campto 15mL x 100mg/5mL injection$1,249.88
Campto 20mL x 100mg/5mL injection$1,650.28
Campto 25mL x 100mg/5mL injection$2,050.68
Campto 30mL x 100mg/5mL injection$2,451.08
Campto 35mL x 100mg/5mL injection$2,851.48
Campto 40mL x 100mg/5mL injection$3,251.89

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 5mL x 100mg/5mL injection$80.76
Generic 10mL x 100mg/5mL injection$112.84
Generic 15mL x 100mg/5mL injection$144.93
Generic 20mL x 100mg/5mL injection$177.01
Generic 25mL x 100mg/5mL injection$209.09
Generic 30mL x 100mg/5mL injection$241.18
Generic 35mL x 100mg/5mL injection$273.26
Generic 40mL x 100mg/5mL injection$305.34

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